Legal Limit Intoxicated Texas

Intoxicated Meaning In Texas Legal Limit

People think that intoxication only involves getting drunk or alcohol. But Texas has laws that have a more complicated view of what it means to be intoxicated. That means that a person you may assume … Read more

Texas ALR Hearing

ALR Hearing Texas

People arrested for DWI don’t often know that they have to face two separate hearings. There is the DWI hearing and an Administrative License Revocation Hearing (ALR). An ALR hearing is a short criminal trial … Read more

Intoxication Manslaughter Texas

What Is Intoxication Manslaughter In Texas?

People who operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated can face an intoxication manslaughter charge if they cause an accident that leads to the death of another person. This applies to BWI, FWI, and DWI types … Read more

Driving With Suspended License In Texas

Driving with a suspended driver’s license in Texas can lead to penalties. But these penalties are determined by the circumstances of your DWI case.  A license suspension may be as a result of you refusing … Read more

DWI Cost Texas

Texas DWI Cost & Penalties

A DWI charge is a serious charge that has the potential of negatively impacting your future. You have to talk to a lawyer if you have been charged with DWI so that the case can … Read more

ignition interlock law texas

Ignition Interlock Devices in Texas

Ignition interlock devices are breathalyzer machines that are attached to a vehicle’s ignition system and usually placed on the passenger side of the vehicle. The driver must breathe into the device before starting the engine. … Read more

Questions You Should Ask a DWI Lawyer

If I were facing DWI prosecution, I would hire the lawyer who would give me the best chance of getting out of the DWI – period. More specifically, I would hire a lawyer who is … Read more