Texas Ticket Attorney Near Me

Spring TX Traffic Violations – Speeding Ticket LawyerContents All you need to fight your traffic ticket is a competent and experienced ticket attorney near you. A ticket can easily lead to other penalties and may … Read more

Texas Felony DUI/DWI

Felony DUI/DWI Texas

What is Felony DWI in Texas?Contents While most people use DUI and DWI interchangeably, these acronyms stand for different things.  A DUI in Texas is only used when charging a minor that has been caught … Read more

4TH DWI In Texas

Penalties for a Fourth Texas DWI OffenseContents A 4th DWI in Texas means that a person had 3 prior DWI convictions. A first and 2nd DWI conviction are considered misdemeanors depending on the circumstances. A … Read more

Texas DWI Arrest

What Happens During a DWI Arrest in Texas?Contents The stress that a person experiences after an arrest For DWI can be overwhelming. The consequences of such an arrest can be severe whether it is a … Read more

Texas Open Container Law

People who are new in Texas and all drivers that drive on the state’s roads need to research Texas open container laws. Not many people know about these laws yet breaking them can have a … Read more

DUI VS DWI in Texas

What’s the Difference Between Texas DWI and Texas DUI?Contents In Texas, DUI and DWI are acronyms used to refer to different things but they have some similarities. DUI is driving under the influence in full … Read more

Legal Limit Intoxicated Texas

Intoxicated Meaning In Texas Legal Limit

People think that intoxication only involves getting drunk or alcohol. But Texas has laws that have a more complicated view of what it means to be intoxicated. That means that a person you may assume … Read more

Texas ALR Hearing

ALR Hearing Texas

People arrested for DWI don’t often know that they have to face two separate hearings. There is the DWI hearing and an Administrative License Revocation Hearing (ALR). An ALR hearing is a short criminal trial … Read more

Intoxication Manslaughter Texas

What Is Intoxication Manslaughter In Texas?

People who operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated can face an intoxication manslaughter charge if they cause an accident that leads to the death of another person. This applies to BWI, FWI, and DWI types … Read more