Driving With Suspended License In Texas

Driving with a suspended driver’s license in Texas can lead to penalties. But these penalties are determined by the circumstances of your DWI case.  A license suspension may be as a result of you refusing … Read more

DWI Cost Texas

Texas DWI Cost & Penalties

A DWI charge is a serious charge that has the potential of negatively impacting your future. You have to talk to a lawyer if you have been charged with DWI so that the case can … Read more

ignition interlock law texas

Ignition Interlock Devices in Texas

Ignition interlock devices are breathalyzer machines that are attached to a vehicle’s ignition system and usually placed on the passenger side of the vehicle. The driver must breathe into the device before starting the engine. … Read more

Questions You Should Ask a DWI Lawyer

If I were facing DWI prosecution, I would hire the lawyer who would give me the best chance of getting out of the DWI – period. More specifically, I would hire a lawyer who is … Read more