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A top-rated Woodlands DWI lawyer can help get you out of trouble if you are an alleged DWI offender. Your lawyer can use effective legal tools to ensure you don’t get convicted for driving while intoxicated in The Woodlands. Remember a conviction can result in severe consequences.

The lawyer can also help clear your name so that no DWI charge appears in your records.

What Are Your Rights When Arrested For DWI?


Just because your alcohol blood test came back positive after a DWI stop doesn’t mean that your fate is decided. Things such as nervousness, illness, and exhaustion can make you fail the blood test.

Driving while intoxicated is not illegal if your blood alcohol content is lower than 0.08. As long as your mind is stable and you can make good decisions while driving, and your BAC is not above the required limits, you are good to go.

Can You Represent Yourself For A DWI Charge?

You are not in a position to make critical legal decisions to represent yourself in a court if you are charged with a DWI. Without a strong defense, you may have a difficult time challenging the prosecution’s arguments. A Woodlands DWI lawyer that has handled DWI cases for years will review your case and give you the best advice depending on your circumstances.

Your lawyer will help you understand the options you have and will then build a strong defense. A DWI lawyer will defend you better than you would on your own. Their main goal is to argue your case in court and make it harder for the prosecution to convince the court that you made mistakes.

How Bad Is A DWI Conviction?

People convicted of a DWI have to face both legal and collateral consequences. Legal consequences can include incarceration, community service, fines, and suspension of driver’s license. For example, for a first offense DWI conviction, you face suspension of your driver’s license for one year, and a $2,000 fine.

The penalties get worse for any subsequent DWI conviction. Some collateral consequences for a DWI conviction include:

  • Losing your job: Some employers do not want employees with a criminal record working for them. So, as soon as they realize that an employee has been convicted of a crime, they will let that employee go. You may also lose your job because you are no longer able to work because you are in prison.
  • Housing trouble: Landlords sometimes have a zero-tolerance policy on crime. It’s not unusual for landlords to run background checks on potential tenants, and will refuse to rent to you if they find any evidence of a DWI charge or conviction.
  • Losing the right to vote or own a gun: You may lose your right to own a gun or vote if you were charged with Felony DWI.
  • Difficulty getting a job: Employers looking to hire people with high credibility are less likely to give you the job if you have a DWI on your record.

This is why the first priority for your Woodlands DWI attorney is to create a strategy that allows you to walk away from a DWI charge scot-free. After that, they will try to clean your records so that it does not impact your life in the future.

Mr. Cannon’s main goal is to have your DWI completely dismissed. If this is not possible, he will work to reduce the DWI charges as well as the financial and criminal penalties associated with your arrest. Furthermore, as a DWI attorney, he can represent you at the ALR hearing, increasing your chances of retaining your license. While we cannot guarantee that your license will not be suspended, we can guarantee that if you do not contest your license suspension, you will lose your license.

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The cost of hiring a DWI attorney may prevent some people from obtaining competent legal counsel. However, keep in mind that by reducing the consequences of a DWI or DUI, we are able to free up more of your time and money, both of which can be extremely valuable. It is even possible to avoid jail time and fines entirely. Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Cannon handles DWI cases in The Woodlands, TX, Conroe, and Montgomery County. Call (713) 960-0777 today before it’s too late.