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Most mistakes made in the criminal justice system are irreversible. When you are under criminal investigation or arrest, until you have spoken with a defense attorney, it is vital that you refuse to answer questions during interrogation. A defense lawyer can help you understand your rights and be at your side to advise you when you are being questioned by police, detectives, or other authorities.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Spring TX law firm of Joe Cannon represent clients in state and federal criminal cases. Misdemeanors and felonies both carry penalties that put your life in jeopardy. Jail time or imprisonment can result in job loss, damage to your reputation, and denied employment opportunities, not to mention the devastating effect on family and friends.

Even though you are innocent until proven guilty, obtaining a criminal defense lawyer at the outset of your case can make a considerable difference in the outcome.

While our firm handles a variety of criminal charges, we frequently litigate certain types of cases:


If you are under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or drugs, your mental and physical ability to drive may be impaired. When police suspect a DWI offense, they will stop the driver and request that he or she perform field sobriety tests and/or take a Breathalyzer test. Our attorneys generally recommend that you refuse field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests because DWI cases frequently are more difficult to defend when tests have been taken.

Even though refusal results in immediate driver’s license suspension, penalties incurred for a DWI conviction are much stiffer. Politely informing the police officer that you need to consult with your lawyer before submitting to any tests is your legal right. MORE: Spring TX DWI Lawyer

Traffic Violations

Traffic tickets are costly and often cause insurance premiums to increase, resulting in considerable long-term expense. Retaining a Texas traffic-ticket defense lawyer to help you fight a traffic ticket may result in dropped or reduced charges.

Drug Crimes

Depending on the quantity and type of drug, drug offenses can be misdemeanor or felony charges. Certain drug offenses fall under state jurisdiction, and others are tried in federal courts. Drug cases often involve the following types of drug activity:

  • possession
  • paraphernalia possession
  • cultivation/manufacture
  • sale or intent to sell
  • distribution
  • trafficking

Joe Cannon also provides criminal defense for clients accused of theft and for underage individuals in juvenile delinquency cases. The above are just a sampling of the cases our attorneys regularly handle. If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, we encourage you to arrange a free consultation to learn how we can help. An experienced criminal defense lawyer with a successful track record of winning cases is invaluable for the outcome of your case. Our law firm serves clients throughout Harris County, including Spring and The Woodlands.