Criminal Justice Process Texas

Texas Criminal Justice Process

The Texas Criminal Justice Process can be an intimidating and confusing process. Lawyers go to law school for years to study the rules and procedures of the Texas criminal justice system. The State Bar of … Read more

DWI texas traffic ticket

Texas Ticket Attorney Near Me

Spring TX Traffic Violations – Speeding Ticket Lawyer All you need to fight your traffic ticket is a competent and experienced ticket attorney near you. A ticket can easily lead to other penalties and may … Read more

DUI/DWI Texas Felony

Felony DUI/DWI Texas

What is Felony DWI in Texas? While most people use DUI and DWI interchangeably, these acronyms stand for different things.  A DUI in Texas is only used when charging a minor who has been caught … Read more

Texas Alcohol Legal Limit

Intoxicated Meaning In Texas Legal Limit

People think that intoxication only involves getting drunk or alcohol. But Texas has laws that have a more complicated view of what it means to be intoxicated. That means that a person you may assume … Read more

Driving-With-Suspended-License Texas-ss

Driving With Suspended License In Texas

Driving with a suspended driver’s license in Texas can lead to penalties. However, these penalties are determined by the circumstances of your DWI case.  A license suspension may be as a result of you refusing … Read more

4TH DWI in Texas

Penalties for a Fourth Texas DWI Offense A 4th DWI in Texas means that a person had 3 prior DWI convictions. A first and 2nd DWI conviction are considered misdemeanors depending on the circumstances. A … Read more

Texas DWI Cost & Penalties

A DWI charge is a serious charge that has the potential of negatively impacting your future. You have to talk to a lawyer if you have been charged with DWI so that the case can … Read more